How to tell if Black Tourmaline is real?

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One of the easiest ways to tell if Black Tourmaline is real or not is to do a scratch test with a knife. A real Black Tourmaline will be too hard to scratch.

Black Tourmaline is a very hard gemstone. It ranges between 7 to 7.5 on Moh’s hardness scale. Thus making it an incredibly hard crystal. A simple scratch test with a knife will identify its authenticity. 

You can also look for the usual physical appearance of Black Tourmaline to identify its authenticity like smoothness, texture, edges etc.

The ultimate test can be taking the stone to a gemologist. They can give you more details about Black Tourmaline and its authenticity.   

This guide covers A-Z information about Black Tourmaline. How to tell if Black Tourmaline is real or fake, its properties, where and how to use them. Read on!

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Complete A-Z guide to Black Tourmaline meaning, healing properties & uses

What is Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline belongs to the Tourmaline family which is a crystalline boron silicate mineral. Also known as schorl, Black Tourmaline is one of the tourmalines that’s found in abundance and is affordable as well. These amount to almost 95% of all the naturally found tourmalines. That’s how commonly they are found!

Black Tourmaline is a silicate mineral that has boron. It also has high levels of iron in it and magnetic properties as well. These are categorised under semi-precious stones as they are available in plenty and don’t cost you a lot.

Gemstones of the Tourmaline family contain minerals like iron, magnesium, sodium or boron.

Black Tourmaline is found in multiple varieties and colours.  

Zodiac SignScorpio, Libra, Capricorn
Energy ColourBlack – Colour of the Universe
ChakraRoot Chakra & Earth star chakra

Black Tourmaline Meaning

A Powerful inky black stone that will act as a protective shield and is a symbol of strength. Black Tourmaline is a dark-coloured stone with powerful grounding energies that absorbs all the negative energy from you. It helps get rid of the dark emotions and anxiousness and convert them to positive vibrations.

Black Tourmaline is connected to the root chakra, that keeps you grounded and centred. Black Tourmaline meaning can be summarised as follows

  • A protective shield from dark vibrations
  • Strong grounding energies
  • Connected to base chakras – Keeps you balanced & grounded
  • Self-confidence enhancer
  • Enhances motivation

How to tell if Black Tourmaline is real or fake

How to identify a real Black Tourmaline by its appearance

The ultimate & sure shot way of knowing if the Black Tourmaline is authentic is or not is by verifying it with a gemologist. However, you can also do some simple checks at your end.

Following are some properties of the black stone that you can check by looking at it to tell if Black Tourmaline is real or not.

By Lustre of Black Tourmaline

When a Black Tourmaline is brought under light, it radiates the light back in a way that gives a glaze finish to the surface of Black Tourmaline. You will notice that Black Tourmaline stone has a lustrous and glass finish. The fake ones can be identified by looking at their surface. If they have a metallic or matte glaze on them, then they are likely to be a fake black crystals.

By Inclusions in Black Tourmaline

During formation of a mineral, if one mineral gets trapped inside of another one, it is termed as inclusions. 

These inclusions are visible to naked eyes. You may see a different colour of that mineral or a differently sized or a differently textured mineral stuck to it.  

In the case of Black Tourmaline, iron is the inclusion. You will notice a red-coloured mineral on the stone’s surface, this is the iron as inclusion. This iron also gets rusted when exposed to the moisture in the air. Hence, this inclusion will indicate the authenticity of Black Tourmaline.

Typical appearance and structure of Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline crystals have round and smooth edges. They are narrow and resemble a pencil in length and shape and taper at the ends.

The cross-sections of tourmaline are six-sided, hexagonal or triangular in structure. Hold the crystal in your hands and observe it from top to bottom. If you see any other shape, it is likely to be some other crystal. 

Tourmalines should have long grooved lines on their surface. These lines are called striations. Hold the crystal in your hands and observe closely. You should be able to find thin lines running lengthwise. These lines are easily visible to naked eyes and should not require a hand lens.

How to tell if Black Tourmaline is real 

Performing a simple scratch test with a knife can do the work. If scratching the stone with a knife leaves a mark on your stone, then what you are holding is probably not a Black Tourmaline.

Make sure your knife is sharp and run the knife over the stone a couple of times.

This is the most commonly used method and is based on the hardness of Black Tourmaline and the knife. The hardness of Black Tourmaline is 7 whereas that of a knife is around 5.

Hence a scratch with a steel blade knife on your stone can suggest the stone is fake.

Black Tourmaline healing properties

Black Tourmaline is one of those stones that possess emotional, physical and spiritual healing properties. Though it’s an easily available crystal, it is a must to have stone among crystal lovers. You may also call Black Tourmaline an all-rounder when it comes to healing properties!

How to tell if Black Tourmaline is real
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Physical healing properties of Black Tourmaline

  • Absorbs harmful radiations from electronic items around you
  • Improves your body’s blood circulation
  • Detoxification from pollution around you
  • Enhances body’s stamina
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Reduces bloating effect and constipation
  • Improves immune system
  • Strengthens reflex points of lower limbs
  • Known to act as a mild painkiller for arthritis
  • Enhances the effect of medicines of joint pains, numbness in body parts and muscle tear
  • Better coordination between left and right brain
  • Helps in reducing stress

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone that has multiple physical benefits as mentioned above. Many Reiki practitioners use this stone in different ways to maximise its benefits. It’s an excellent stone to heal your physical body by reducing stress.

Stress is known to be the mother of all diseases. It can cause an increase in blood pressure, body aches, stomach troubles etc. Having a Black Tourmaline around you can help get rid of these.

Emotional healing properties of Black Tourmaline

  • Enhances self confidence 
  • Evokes clarity in mind
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Selfless attitude
  • Releases anger
  • Makes you think creatively 

Black Tourmaline keeps your emotions balanced. It is known as the shield protecting you from negative thoughts and the toxic environment. Those suffering from nervousness, anxiety and restlessness should definitely keep this crystal around.

It has a strong effect in getting rid of these and bringing the right balance in your mind.

Filtering out the negative thoughts and filling it with positive, self confidence and creative thoughts. Feeling lazy, sleepy and depressed throughout the day can be eradicated by usage of black tourmaline. You stay in a healthy, energetic and happy mood all through the day. 

Spiritual healing properties of Black Tourmaline

  • Activates root chakra
  • Builds deep bond between you and mother earth
  • Keeps you grounded
  • As a cleaner, cleanses all negative thoughts
  • Transforms negative & evil energies to positive ones
  • Enhances and expedites your spiritual journey 

In the spiritual world, Black Tourmaline is known as the guard to your entrance. It stands as a protective shield that will block all kinds of negative energies. 

Black Tourmaline activates your base chakra, also known as the root chakra. The Root chakra is known for connecting you to mother earth, hence keeping you grounded and closer to earth’s energies.

When black tourmaline establishes the connection and activates your root chakra, you experience a sense of liberation and freedom. There is an internal power that generates within you and gives you that self-confidence to go out in the world and deal with problems positively.

Black Tourmaline is known to transform energies. It can change the energies and convert them in a way that serves you positively. As your gatekeeper, Black Tourmaline will convert all the negative energy around you to positive.

Keeps you protected from negative people and the negative aura around you. The positive energy clears all the evil and negative blockages from your surroundings.

Black Tourmaline and Chakra Connection

  • Associated with root chakra & Earth star chakra
  • Keeps you grounded
  • Provides stability
  • Gives a sense of safety
  • Maintains overall wellbeing

Black Tourmaline is associated with the root chakra

The base chakra, also known as root chakra when aligned with our body keeps us grounded. It is located at the bottom of the spine. Whatever it may be that is basic for you, be it clothes, food or shelter, root chakra helps in maintaining its stability. Once this happens, you naturally start feeling safe as well.

Black tourmaline helps in activating root chakra and keeping it unblocked. If the root chakra is blocked, it may impact other chakras of the body too. This is because the root chakra provides energy to other chakras.

Hence Black Tourmaline can play a major role in keeping root chakra and other chakras activated.

Black Tourmaline also connects with the earth star chakra

Earth star chakra is not present in the physical body. It is located almost twelve inches below the feet. This chakra connects you to earthly energies. While root chakra also works in a similar way, the earth star chakra is the “super root” chakra that connects your energy to the earth’s and universe’s energies.

When Black tourmaline aligns with the root chakra and earth star chakra, it brings a feeling of stability, healthy body, mental peace and a grounding effect. You will begin to feel content with yourself. 

How to use Black Tourmaline for maximum benefits

Use Black Tourmaline at Home

Black tourmaline is your gatekeeper keeping negative and evil energies away from you. Having this crystal at your home will ensure your home is shielded and filled with only positive energies.

You can place it near the entrance, living area or workplace. Wherever you spend most of your time, place it closer to that place.

Use Black Tourmaline while Sleeping

Detoxing before sleep and having a peaceful sleep is very crucial. Black Tourmaline is one of those crystals that aid with this. 

You may place black tourmaline under your pillow or mattress. It can also be placed at the bedside. This will give you a feeling of protection and safety. Will help you release all the worries before you fall asleep. Next morning, you will wake up fresh after a sound sleep.

Use Black Tourmaline at Work

Part of our stress comes from our work. In fact, most of it comes from work! It is important one is able to handle it well by also maintaining calm. Keeping a black tourmaline at your workplace will help you in reducing the stress and keeping your emotions in check.

The feeling of low self-confidence or not being able to make that mark at your workplace is felt often. Having this crystal around can work wonders in this regard.

Use Black Tourmaline as jewellery

Wearing Black Tourmaline in the form of jewellery can be one of the best ways to use it. This way it will stay closer to your body all the time. It will act as a protective cloak wherever you go. Wearing this crystal as jewellery will ensure you are protected from all kinds of negativity. You will feel a sense of safety in its presence. 

You can use it as a pendant, ring, bracelet or even earrings. 

Use Black Tourmaline during meditation

Place the black tourmaline on your palm and hold it. Alternatively, you can also place it in your meditation area. This will help in clearing the aura.

You need a clear and peaceful mind while meditating. Having black tourmaline around you while meditating will create this environment for you. Meditating with this crystal will connect you to your base, enhance grounding effects and establish a connection with higher positive energies.

It wipes out all the negative thoughts and clears your aura. It makes your meditation and spiritual journey clean, bright and peaceful. 

How to cleanse and recharge Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline which acts as your gatekeeper, absorbs all the negative energies. This crystal needs to be cleansed frequently so that it can function properly and emit positive energies by eliminating negative ones.

There are many ways to cleanse and recharge your stone, following are the key methods

Using Water to cleanse Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline ranges between 7-7.5 on the hardness scale. This means water will not affect it negatively. Water is known for neutralising the energies and bringing them back to earth. You can soak black tourmaline in water for about 24hrs. This will cleanse it completely. 

Using Selenite to cleanse Black Tourmaline

Place Black tourmaline on top of selenite bringing them in direct contact with each other. This way it can absorb all the energy. You may place the crystals in this position for 12 hours. 

Selenite is known for its calmness and clarity. Many other crystals are cleansed using selenite. Alternatively, you may also use clear quartz if you do not have selenite. 

Using sunlight to cleanse Black Tourmaline

Sunlight is a great source to cleanse your crystal. However, make sure you do not expose black tourmaline to direct sunlight for a longer duration. It may cause harmful effects to the stone. Place the stone in morning sunlight when the intensity is lesser and remove it before sunlight becomes harsh. 

Using Moonlight to cleanse Black Tourmaline

Moonlight is the safest to cleanse your stone. You may place your stone outside your house where it gets direct moonlight or places it on the window side. Keep the stone under moonlight overnight. You may collect it before sunrise. Your stone is now ready to use. 

Restore and recharge Black Tourmaline in following ways

  • Place it in running water. Combine this process with positive affirmations. This will help the stone connect with motherly earth as well and you will feel alive as well during this meditation process.
  • You may use soil to recharge it. Bury black tourmaline under soil for some time. This will recharge it completely.

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