21 Crystal Meaning Cards (High Quality Printable)

Elevate your spiritual practice with our meticulously designed 21 Crystal Meaning Cards. Each card is a gateway to understanding the profound energies and meanings behind some of the most powerful crystals known to humanity. Crafted for clarity, inspiration, and guidance, these high-quality printables are your perfect companion for meditation, crystal healing, and daily affirmations.

21 Crystal Meaning Cards
21 Crystal Meaning Cards

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Design: Premium, print-ready designs ensure vibrant visuals and clear text for easy reading.
  • Instant Access: Digital download lets you access your cards immediately after purchase.
  • Printable Flexibility: Print at home or with a professional service, on your preferred paper or card stock.
  • Comprehensive Guide: Each card provides essential information about its crystal, including:
    • Crystal Name
    • Key Energies: Emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits.
    • Affirmation: A positive statement to enhance your connection with the crystal’s energy.

Product Details:

FormatPDF, A4 size (8.27 × 11.69 inches)
Resolution300 DPI (High Resolution)
Number of Cards21
File SizeApprox. 10MB
Printing OptionsHome Printer-Friendly / Professional Printing Compatible

Usage Ideas:

  • Daily Guidance: Draw a card each morning to find out which crystal energy to embody or focus on.
  • Meditation Aid: Use the cards to choose crystals for meditation or crystal grids.
  • Educational Tool: Learn about different crystals, their meanings, and how they can enhance your life.
  • Gift: Perfect for crystal lovers, beginners, or anyone seeking a deeper connection with these natural wonders.

How to Use:

  1. Download your files immediately after purchase.
  2. Print using your home printer or at a local print shop.
  3. Cut out the cards along the indicated lines.
  4. Enjoy exploring and connecting with the energies of the crystals.

Please Note:

  • This is a digital product. No physical items will be shipped.
  • Colors may vary slightly due to different monitor and printer settings.
  • For personal use only. Not for resale or commercial use.

Embrace the transformative power of crystals with these beautifully designed Crystal Meaning Cards. Perfect for enhancing your spiritual practice or as a thoughtful gift for the crystal enthusiast in your life.