Green Goldstone Meaning & Guide to its healing properties and benefits

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Green Goldstone Meaning

Green Goldstone meaning is derived from its ability to heal emotions and provide courage to those who are trying to move on to new beginnings. Five points to describe Green Goldstone meaning are as follows

  • Your protection cloak from negative energies
  • Self-Love enabler
  • Balances emotions and mind
  • Easy sail through in challenging situations
  • Courage and empowerment to make tough decisions

Green Goldstone keeps the mind calm and reflects the negative energies away from you. It is called the calming crystal and is best for emotional healing. Green Goldstone emits positive energies and clears your aura. Also known as the ‘stone of life’ this crystal aids in achieving your goal, making you courageous and face all your fears. Apart from emotional healing, this crystal is known for its metaphysical healing properties also.

Green Goldstone connects with the heart chakra of your body. When the heart chakra is aligned, your body begins to balance emotions and heart. There is an increase in the feeling of self-confidence, abundance and joy.

Green Goldstone uplifts the spirit and acts as an energy generator which helps the wearer stay motivated to achieve their goal.  

Before getting into details Green Goldstone here is a quick snapshot of this crystal & its properties

Origin Man-Made, in Venice
ZodiacSagittarius & Taurus
ColorBottle Green & Dark Green – Contains tiny triangular particles of copper
Hardness5.5 – 6 on Moh’s hardness scale
Chemical CompositionSilica Glass with Copper particles
Glance of healing properties of Green Goldstone
Emotional Healing PropertiesImproves Focus, Balances emotions, aids decision making
Spiritual Healing PropertiesProtection cloak from negative energy, enables psychic abilities, strengthens communication
Physical Healing PropertiesRelief from joint pains, arthritis, migraine & headaches

About Green Goldstone & Origin

In the seventeenth century, the Miotti family from Venice invented this crystal. Green Goldstone is a dark green stone with a beautiful glitter and a space-like depth to its colouring. This is a man-made crystal and isn’t found naturally unlike the other crystals. It is made by infusing mineral copper particles into the glass. This added chromium results in the sparkles that the stone has.

Does Green Goldstone possess healing properties? Yes, It does. In Spite of the crystal being man-made, Green Goldstone possesses multiple healing properties due to the crystal glass being made of quartz sand (Silica). More on the healing properties in upcoming sections.

This crystal is found in other colours as well like brown, purple, blue, orange, white and yellow.

You will get to see the true beauty of this crystal by placing it under the microscope. You will see little copper particles in the shape of a triangle, shining and reflecting light from below the surface of the crystal. You should definitely try this if you have a microscope handy! The view is breathtaking! 

Green Goldstone meaning
Blue Goldstone. Image by

Common properties of Green Goldstone

  • Helps in achieving goals
  • Makes you courageous & self-confident
  • Ignites adventurous nature
  • Enhances sense of creativity & Innovation
  • Aids long distance healing
  • Invites abundance & prosperity
  • Balances and restores positive energy
  • Promotes psychic abilities
  • Provides acceleration and protection to spiritual journey
  • Aids with healing of joint pain, bone disorders & headache

Green Goldstone Meaning and its Chakra connection

Green Goldstone aligns with the fourth chakra of the chakra family – the heart chakra. This chakra is located at the centre of the spine near the heart. It acts as a bridge between the lower and upper chakras of the body. This is one of the most powerful chakras and acts as a reservoir of energy, love and compassion. 

The meaning of Green Goldstone is derived from its ability to balance emotions and provide mental strength as well. When Green Goldstone connects with the chakra to align it with your body, you will feel strengthened from within. The surroundings appear loving and joyous. You will experience a stronger level of connectedness with yourself. 

You will be able to experience the real beauty of life. You will have the strength to overcome the challenges that come your way and smoothly sail through them. Green Goldstone together with heart chakra will help you develop a bond with yourself that will be trustworthy, loving, grounded, free of fear and very deep. 

Green goldstone combined with the aligned heart chakra can become a powerhouse that will keep emitting all the positive vibrations that will make you a confident and self-loving person.

With these alignments, Green Goldstone becomes one of those crystals that have many healing properties. Read the next section to know about the healing properties of Green Goldstone.

Green Goldstone healing properties

Like many other gemstones, Green Goldstone also possesses healing powers. People often use this crystal in different ways for maximum benefits. Green Goldstone is believed to have emotional, spiritual and physical healing properties. Read on to know more about each of them.

Physical healing properties of Green Goldstone

Green Goldstone is known to have many physical healing properties. The presence of copper in Green Goldstone makes it a perfect gemstone to soothe issues related to circulatory system disorder and arthritis. It provides aid with issues like joint pain, bone disorders and inflammation. People have experienced help with migraine, headaches and nervous-related ailments.

Keeping Green Goldstone around may soothe people with these types of ailments

Spiritual healing properties of Green Goldstone

Green Goldstone acts as a protection cloak while keeping the negative energies away.
It is believed to enhance the psychic abilities of the wearer. Communication is also strengthened. One experiences improvement in their focus with a feeling of abundance and prosperity. 

Unwanted thoughts and feelings that might be harming your body are also removed. One might begin to understand their body and soul in more depth. This will help in identifying which feelings and thoughts are good for your well-being and which are those that you need to get rid of.

Emotional healing properties of Green Goldstone

Green Goldstone is said to help people achieve their goals. By making one’s mind calm and balancing emotions it acts as a stabiliser for inner feelings.

It is known for deflecting unwanted energies away from the crystal owner. Because of this property, people also use this stone as a protective store.

By bringing balance to emotions, Green Goldstone also brings a sense of self-confidence to people. The ability to regain confidence and bring clarity in mind to take the right decision is observed in the wearer of this crystal. 

How to use Green Goldstone

There are specific ways in which Green Goldstone can be used to benefit from its properties. Read on to learn more about it

Green Goldstone healing properties

Green Goldstone for Meditation

Meditation as a practice itself is very beneficial. Doing it regularly can bring about massive changes to your life. Meditation combined with Green Goldstone will enhance the overall well-being and health of the body.

It will calm your mind and make the surroundings peaceful. You will experience improvement in your focus as you go along. Being able to concentrate on something while shutting down all the other noises in your head becomes easy.

If you have been practising meditation for a long time and are aware of the process, all you need to do is 

  • Sit in the meditation position and hold Green Goldstone in your hands. 
  • Place it on your palm and begin your meditation. 
  • Feel the vibrations of the crystal while you breathe in and out.
  • After the initial few minutes you may remove your focus from the stone and continue meditation
  • Keep the stone in your palms until you finish your meditation

Those who are new to meditation itself and want to begin it with this crystal along side can start their journey with few simple steps

  • Find a peaceful place or corner at your home
  • Sit on the mat and make sure you are comfortable
  • Hold the crystal in your palm & feel its presence 
  • Stretch your spine tall and long
  • Close your eyes and focus on each of your body parts
  • Feel the sounds around you and become cognisant of your surrounding
  • Focus on each breath while inhaling and exhaling
  • As Green Goldstone activates heart chakra, focus on your heart while meditating. Try to release all unwanted emotions, stress and worries. 
  • Be present in that moment and focus on how each part of your body is breathing and alive.
  • Do this as long as you feel comfortable. If you are new to this, start with 5minutes and later extend it as per your comfort,

While meditation can be done anytime during the day, you may choose to do it early in the morning. There will be absolute silence and just the chirping of birds is what you can hear. 

A regular meditation with Green Goldstone will help make your mind calm. You will experience joy and peace overall.

Green Goldstone as jewellery

Green Goldstone can be worn as jewellery as well. As a pendant or bracelet. People wear it as earrings and finger rings also. Helps balance your wealth requirements and connections with people around you.

Green Goldstone while journaling

A Lot of people are into journaling these days as it helps them talk to themselves. Keeping your feelings and emotions to yourself can be harmful over time. It is important you let out all sorts of thoughts running in your mind. Be it fear, love, stress or worry. Journaling is one of the ways where people let out all their emotions without speaking to anybody else. 

To add to this wonderful process, Green Goldstone when used while journaling enhances the effect. You come out of this process with a clear mind and without any negative emotions.

Journaling along with Green Goldstone will instil courage in you and will provide the ability to think clearly even in difficult situations. 

When you write about your daily experiences or about a particular instance, make sure you pour your heart out. Express your ambitions and goals. Feel the positive energy flowing in from the crystal and let it inspire you to take on all those challenges you earlier feared.

Once you are done with your journaling, sit down close your eyes and take a deep breath and exhale with your mouth. Visualise the crystal passing on the courage and the adventurous spirit to your soul.

Green Goldstone placement at Home & Work

Green Goldstones as such can be placed anywhere in the house or at work. You can’t go wrong with this. But as Green Goldstone is an earth crystal and is about balancing emotions, you can place this crystal at a place in the house where you would like to introduce balance and growth. At the workplace, you may place it at a corner where you are seated and you need your daily dose of motivation.

Green Goldstone affirmations

Affirmations are believed to be a strong tool for bringing about changes in your life. It works in a way that repeating those words will bring in positive energy. All that you ask for, you also start to believe it. Once you start believing, you gain that self-confidence. Once you are self-confident, it’s half the battle won.

You can either write down the affirmations, chant them like mantras or simply repeat them in your head.

  • I am emotionally balanced
  • I am healed both emotionally & spiritually
  • I am courageous 
  • I am abundant 
  • I am strong
  • All i need is already within me
  • Today will be a productive day 
  • I face challenges of my life with confidence and positive attitude

How to cleanse Green Goldstone

Cleansing and recharging your crystal is important. All the negative energy that it absorbs has to be removed from it. This helps in restoring its healing properties.

To cleanse a Green Goldstone you can use running water, sunlight or the moonlight. Using warm water is the easiest and simple way. You may also try smudging as a method to cleanse Green Goldstone.

Using smudging to cleanse Green Goldstone

You can use sage or palo santo to cleanse Green Goldstone. Place the sage in a deep metal bowl. After lighting it, wait for the leaves to start burning and releasing smoke. With your hands blow the smoke towards the crystal and focus your thoughts on cleansing the crystal. This can also be a form of meditation for you. Direct your thoughts and energy to cleanse the crystal as the smoke blows through the crystal. 

Alternatively, you can also place the crystal on a table and use a feather to guide the smoke to the crystal.

Using sunlight to cleanse Green Goldstone 

Sunlight is considered to be a good source to cleanse crystals. You can place it under the sunlight early in the morning. Make sure the sunlight is not too harsh and direct. 

Place it there for not more than an hour and remove it. 

Using Moonlight to cleanse Green Goldstone

Moonlight is the safest option to cleanse your crystal. You can place your crystal outside at night under direct moonlight and take it back in the morning before it is exposed to sunlight. Moonlight is not too harsh and has a warm feeling to it. This will cleanse your crystal. 

Using running water to cleanse Green Goldstone

Using water to cleanse stone is a simpler way. Water does not cause harm to Green Goldstone and hence can be placed under running water for cleansing it. 

How to take care of and maintain Green Goldstone

Regular use of crystals can make them collect dirt on them. It is important we keep cleaning them regularly.

Use lukewarm water to clean the crystal. You can also dip it in the water. Use little detergent or soap in the water. Once washed and removed, you soft cotton cloth or a cotton ball to gently wipe the water off. 

If you want to avoid water, you can use a cotton ball to simply wipe it off. This can be done frequently. You can also use a damp cotton ball to wipe all sides of the crystal. 

If you have used a damp cotton ball, use a soft tissue paper to wipe off the water.