Caribbean Calcite Meaning: A complete guide to its properties and benefits

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Learn about Caribbean Calcite meaning, its properties, connection to chakras & benefits of owning it.

Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Caribbean calcite is a very attractive stone with its soft blue hue and calming energy. It is made from three different crystals, white aragonite, brown Aragonite and the ocean blue Calcite. All these three crystals possess their own unique properties. When combined together, they make Caribbean calcite a powerful gemstone.

This gemstone emits very soothing and therapeutic energy. Its connection to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra enhances its healing powers. Caribbean Calcite’s meaning comes from the fact that it is a stone of being carefree.

Caribbean calcite meaning can be summarised as the following: 

  1. Restoring balance and calmness
  2. Enhancing positive aura
  3. Eliminating negative energy
  4. Provoking deeper thoughts
  5. Releases stress and anxiety

Caribbean calcite is an oceanic blue-coloured crystal with hints of grey and brown. This crystal has various patterns on it which depict the waves and emit relaxing vibrations. This makes it a one-of-a-kind gemstone that can soothe the aura in just one glance.

Caribbean calcite has healing characteristics which make you look at your inner self and aids in making corrections. It gives you the ability to get past the traumas and bad experiences of the past.

This “calming stone” navigates you to a higher level in life where you are more motivated about life and there is a sense of calmness and awareness.

Caribbean Calcite meaning
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About Caribbean Calcite & Its Origin

Caribbean calcite is a very recent discovery and was found in 2019 in Pakistan. Its ocean blue colour and physical resemblance to the sea contributed to its name ‘Caribbean Calcite’. While most of the Caribbean calcite is polished, you may also find this crystal having crevices. The Hardness of this gemstone ranges from 3 to 3.5 on Moh’s hardness scale. This makes Caribbean calcite a delicate crystal. 

This gemstone has numerous benefits and healing properties that has been covered in the following sections

Common properties of Caribbean Calcite

  • Path to Self Discovery 
  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Evokes sense of purpose
  • Gives way to new beginnings
  • Enables psychic abilities
  • Drives living in the present thought
  • Relief from insomnia and provides peaceful sleep
  • Free flow of joy, passion and empathy

Caribbean Calcite meaning and its connection to chakras

Caribbean calcite crystal is related to the crown chakra and the throat chakra which makes it a powerful gemstone that emits therapeutic energies.

These chakras when properly aligned can aid in getting the right perspective about life. It provides deeper insights and knowledge about self. I have covered both these chakras and their connection to Caribbean Calcite individually in the following section

Crown Chakra

This chakra is linked to your thoughts. The rightly aligned crown chakra will give you a stable physical body, balanced emotion and perfect overall coordination. 

The white aragonite element present in Caribbean Calcite, also known as cave calcite bridges the base to the crown chakra. The connection of the base or the root chakra to the crown chakra helps in keeping you grounded and relieving you from all the pain and troubles of the past.

This helps in setting you free and carving a new path for fresh beginnings that will enable personal growth and immense joy.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is linked to communication and is located in the centre of our throat. The throat chakra enables communication in our bodies. It aids in finding our voice by giving us the strength to speak our truth and the power to self-expression.

Throat chakra being the communication hub when aligned with Caribbean Calcite, helps you realise your inner talent and appreciate yourself for all that you are.

Caribbean calcite enables a free mind with no negativity from past traumas and no inner pain that might keep the throat chakra blocked. This will ensure purity, truth, a unique connection to self and a balance between what we listen to and what we speak.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra that is located in the centre of the head and parallel to the eyebrows. This chakra is also known as the seat of intuition as it possesses the power to observe auras and out of body experiences.

When Caribbean calcite aligns and unblocks all the hindrances in the third eye chakra, it starts emitting its healing powers. Whenever you feel impatient or frustrated, use this crystal to activate your mind and align the third eye chakra to regain your inner power.

Caribbean Calcite healing properties
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Healing properties of Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean calcite energy activates your mind. It is also called the mind activator.  It elevates you from your current space to a place of higher positive vibrations where you can look into the inner self and prospect.

You can understand yourself better, what pains you, what fears you have and helps you get rid of those gradually. It releases you from the fear of being judged and draws specific energy that brings about a transformation within you.

It brings an emotional balance and evokes spiritual awakening.

Healing from Caribbean Calcite occurs in different forms. Read on to know more about how this crystal can help you with your healing process.

Physical healing properties

Caribbean calcite is a magical crystal that helps in the overall healing of the body. This gemstone helps in reducing the pain level in the body with its calming and soothing energy.

We undergo a lot of stress these days and our body is not built in a way that can handle prolonged stress of this level. This leads to multiple physical ailments like blood pressure, insomnia and heart-related problems.

Caribbean Calcite helps in soothing you by getting rid of the stress. This crystal emits an empowering vibe that will give you confidence from within and create a positive aura around you. All of this helps in reducing stress levels and in return keeping your body physically healthy. 

Emotional healing properties

Caribbean Calcite meaning derives from the fact that it is a calming stone. Everyone around us is living a lifestyle that is consuming us in multiple ways be it emotionally or physically. In these circumstances, it becomes important to bring a balance in life where we can reduce the unwanted pressure and keep ourselves emotionally healthy.

Like the waters of the ocean, Caribbean calcite has a calming effect and creates a relaxing aura. You may imagine Caribbean Calcite to create an atmosphere around you that will keep the negativity out of it. All the destructive thoughts and past disturbances are kept out of this space. It makes it a space filled with a refreshing energy that purity, enthusiasm and courage for a new beginning.

The vibrations emitted by Caribbean Calcite evoke awareness and clarity about self and help communicate better with yourself and the people around you.

All these properties help in clearing the pressure and stress that we live with these days and hence give us a path free of guilt, self-doubt and self-destructive thoughts.

Spiritual healing properties

Caribbean calcite is known to awaken you spiritually. The psychic abilities are activated and the third eye chakra enables you in connecting you to your deeper inner self.

When the chakras are aligned, you can introspect yourself and find out what are the disturbing pasts creating hindrances in your growth. You start gaining knowledge about yourself through which you can then clean all the negative thoughts and open up to spiritual enlightenment.

You achieve an emotional and spiritual balance that stabilises your aura.

How to use Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean calcite frees up the soul and unblocks the chakras and blockages. It impacts your everyday life as you wake up with joy, empathy and enthusiasm.

This crystal can bring massive changes in your life if used regularly and appropriately. Below are different ways Caribbean Calcite can be used. Read on!

Caribbean Calcite as jewellery

This crystal can be used to reinstate the overall balance and awareness. If you find difficulty in communicating with yourself or if you think you talk a lot and you need to control this urge, then use this stone to help you.

You can place this crystal near your neck or make a necklace so that the crystal is around the neck region. This will help you declutter your throat chakra and bring in calmness and peacefulness around you.

Caribbean calcite as a bracelet is also worn to benefit from the crystal.

Caribbean Calcite at home & work

Caribbean calcite can be placed in multiple places at your home. You can place it in the corner of the house. The corner is an apt area to place the gemstone for it to create the right atmosphere so you can achieve your desired goals.

The crystal can also be placed in the section of the house which you may have dedicated for all gemstones. 

One of the best ways to place Caribbean Calcite is also by your bedside. This will help you understand your dreams clearly and gain knowledge about yourself. 

Caribbean Calcite during meditation

When you meditate regularly, place Caribbean Calcite in your hands. This will help you concentrate and remove any blockages in your chakras. It will gradually start to connect with your throat chakra, root chakra and third eye chakra.

Centre your focus on one place and let your self-worth and self-confidence flow back to that space. Take all these feelings in and allow them to soothe you. 

While meditating it may help to picture yourself sitting near the blue ocean and water washing away your stress and sorrows. Try to hear the waves splashing and smell the moist salty air. You may feel instant relaxation and joy as though you are at the beach, away from all your worries.

Use Affirmations

You may also use affirmations like “ I am emotionally and spiritually balanced”, “I live in truth” or “ I am filled with love and gratitude”. 

Affirmations have to be specific and repeat them multiple times for effective results.

The best crystal combinations to use with Caribbean Calcite

Brown aragonite with Caribbean Calcite

When you wish to strengthen the energy at your home, the combination of brown aragonite and Caribbean Calcite works wonders. This pair activates the throat chakra which aids communication along with a sense of calmness and respect for people around you. Brown aragonite is also called the crystal of discipline.

In combination with Caribbean Calcite, it cleanses the negativity by clearing the confusion and chaos. The sacral chakra which is related to sexuality, desire and joy also gets activated. Overall, this combination helps in achieving serenity, calmness and an anxiety and stress -free atmosphere. 

Other crystals that the blue stone works well with are Angelite, Garnet, Copper, Fluorite, and Golden Healer.

How to cleanse your Caribbean Calcite

When you first bring your Caribbean Calcite home, make sure you cleanse it. Place the stone in a container filled with water and soak it overnight. Take it out of the water the next morning and pat it dry. The crystal has been cleansed from any negative energy that it must have been carrying. 

It is important that you cleanse your crystal frequently so that the impurity can be removed and that it absorbs in the process of healing. For cleansing, you can immerse it in clean water for a minute or two. Do not use fresh water or salty water. This may impact and alter their crystal’s performance. 

You may also place the crystal with other healing gemstones. This will also help in cleansing the crystal.

How to activate Caribbean Calcite

It is essential that you activate Caribbean Calcite before starting to use them. To activate them, place the stone in the sun for an hour. Make sure the sunlight is not too harsh. You can start using the stone post this activity. The crystal will start emitting positive vibrations that you can benefit from.

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