Can moonstone go in water? If not, Why?

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Yes, Moonstone can go in the water but it is not recommended. 

Any gemstone has to be evaluated on its hardness, structure and surface before deciding if it should go in the water or not. 

Gemstones ranking higher on moh’s hardness scale are generally very hard and not brittle. Making them suitable for being exposed to water.

The surfaces of a gemstone can either be porous or non-porous. Those that are porous have to be dealt with a lot of care as there are chances of water seeping inside of them.

In the case of moonstone, while this crystal is hard in nature, it is not recommended to put the moonstone in water for an extended period of time. The water may seep into cracks and make the crystal weaker. 

About Moonstone

Moonstone is part of the Feldspar family. Feldspar is one of the many minerals found in Earth’s crust. Feldspar has the tendency to combine with other minerals and form a new third mineral.

Moonstone is one such mineral that is formed when feldspar combines with albite to form this third mineral. When the formation happens and minerals cool down, they separate slightly to form layers in the crystal.

These layers cause light to reflect, bounce and scatter between them to produce a glowing effect. This crystal is known for the glow on its surface that is caused by the phenomenon of adularescence. 

Can moonstone go in water

Properties of Moonstone

The two most important properties of a crystal are its hardness and type of surface. These determine many other properties of the crystal. Let’s see what are the moonstone properties.

On moh’s hardness scale, Moonstone ranges from 6-6.5 which makes it a brittle stone. Due to the formation of layers and planes, Moonstone has the tendency to break along these planes.

On Moh’s hardness scale, those crystals that range around 9.5-10 are as hard as a diamond and those ranging between 1-2 are flaky and very brittle. Moonstone on the other hand falls in between the scale making it not very hard but not flaky too. It will not be easily damaged but is not a very strong stone to undergo pressure without breaking. 

Can moonstone go in water – Explanation & consequence

Moonstone can go in the water without getting rusted or broken immediately. While moonstone ranges in between on moh’s scale, it is still not recommended to put it in water for longer durations.

Moonstone has two cleavages. A cleavage direction is an indication of atomic weakness that makes a crystal brittle and prone to breaking easily with light bumps also. Since moonstone has two of them, it affects the durability of the crystal and can easily break along the cleavages. 

This crystal can break along the cleavage or layers when introduced to water. These are pretty delicate. The water can seep into these cracks or layers and weaken the crystal.

This is why moonstones are worn either as earrings or pendants rather than bracelets or rings. Wearing them as rings or bracelets makes them prone to damage while doing day-to-day work. Moonstone should be protected from daily wear and tear, bumps and hits.

Also, it is suggested to remove your moonstone jewellery before you engage with water or harsh detergents. 

Moonstone historical relevance & energy

Moonstone has been categorised as a gemstone since ancient times. There are mentions of this gemstone in holy religious books. The Bible mentions it as a diamond calling it a ‘white moonstone’. Since ancient times, moonstone has been considered holy and sacred by people across the world

In India, God Ganesha, who is known as the god of the moon in Hindu culture, was believed to own the moonstone and was embedded in his forehead. Even to this date, the moonstone is considered sacred in Indian Hindu culture.

The ancient Greeks named the stone after the goddess of love, Aphroselene. During the ancient period, Americans had their own moon goddess. The goddess was named Hanwi, also known as the night sun. People associated Goddess Hanwi with the moonstone.

Moon is considered to possess sacred feminine energy. Moonstone being the crystal of moonlight is believed to possess the same energy and qualities. 

The moonstone reflects the glow of moonlight and people since ancient times believed the crystal had the impression of a goddess in it.

How to use Moonstone

Moonstone as Jewellery

Moonstone can be worn as jewellery so it remains closer to your body all the time. The gemstone is found in three forms:

  • Transparent
  • Translucent
  • Opaque

Moonstones are available in multiple colours like blue, pink, rainbow, green etc. Each colour has its own charm and makes beautiful jewellery. 

The rainbow moonstone is a white translucent crystal but when light hits it, a beautiful rainbow colour appears. 

The pink shade of moonstone is available in a range of pinks right from peach and beige to orangish pink. 

Green moonstone is commonly seen as beads on a necklace or bracelet. 

Moonstone jewellery

Moonstone in clothing

Moonstone was considered sacred in ancient times and the riches used to sew it in their clothes as well. This crystal stands for fertility, future, love and luck. The family of rich society or the brides would sew moonstones in their clothes considering the good luck and fortune that the crystal brings along. Even to this date, moonstone is embedded in the clothes of the rich. 

Moonstone at home or workplace

Moonstone can also be placed at home where you spend most of your time. It can also be placed at the office where one may require positivity and concentration on a daily basis

Moonstone placement on body

Given the physical benefits of moonstone, many consider placing the crystal on the stomach or lower part of the abdomen. Women pregnant with a baby place the crystal on their stomach to ease any kind of discomfort during the pregnancy period. 

Moonstone healing properties

Moonstone has several healing properties due to which it is considered to be a healing crystal from ancient times and has been in use since then for different purposes. This crystal has emotional, physical and metaphysical healing properties.

Moonstone Emotional healing properties

Moonstone is known to assist during times of change and turmoil. This crystal brings balance and harmony to emotions. When undergoing rough changes and stress, moonstone can bring peace and calmness to emotions. It is a stone of positivity that protects the owner from negative and stressful feelings.

Moonstone physical healing benefits

People have been using moonstones for physical health benefits since ancient times. They believe it works best for the reproductive organs of the human body and helps bring the body into the right cycle. For issues related to PMS or hormonal imbalance, moonstone is known to help in bringing the body into balance. Moonstone can help with fertility related problems as well, which is why people use it by placing the crystal on their stomach to benefit from it. 

For women who are expecting, moonstone is believed to help with all kinds of discomfort during the process. It can be beneficial both for the mother and the baby. 

Moonstone metaphysical healing benefits

Moonstone connects with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra of the human body.  Crown chakra is the most spiritual chakra that connects the soul to the spirits of the cosmos. It helps access the higher consciousness and helps embrace gratitude for life. Moonstone helps in aligning these chakras and ensuring they remain unblocked. It also helps in awakening the psychic abilities of the human body. 

How to cleanse Moonstone

Moonstone is a delicate crystal and must be handled with care. This gemstone needs to be cleaned, recharged and stored properly to ensure its shine and healing properties remain intact. 

Using water

  1. Moonstone can be cleansed using warm water. A mild soap can be used in the warm water as well. 
  2. You may also use dish soap which is not very harsh in the water. Soak the crystal for not more than 2-3 minutes in the water. Use soft and dry cloth to pat the crystal dry. Make sure the crystal is wiped well and is completely dry. 
  3. Do not use any soap or jewel cleaner that have harsh chemicals 


If you want to avoid water, you can also smudge the crystal. This can be done by burning a smudge stick and keeping the moonstone exposed to its smoke for 30-40 seconds. This will help in cleansing the moonstone with the smoke of burning smudge sticks. 

Sandalwood or sage are commonly used for this. You may place a bowl of salt next to this. It will help in absorbing the negative energy that gets released into the air from the moonstone. 

Vibration cleansing

To cleanse the moonstone and remove negative energies, it can be placed in running water. If there is an ocean or running stream nearby, it is best to place the moonstone in the running water. This will not only clean the crystal but also remove negative energy from it. It will get recharged from the energy of the natural water. 


Recharging the moonstone is very important. After it has absorbed all the negativity, it is imperative that it is cleansed and all negativities are removed. 

After it is cleaned, the moonstone can be placed under the moonlight. Moonlight is an excellent source of positive energy. It is not very harsh and can recharge gemstones overnight. You may simply leave the crystal outside under direct moonlight for one night. Say a few words while doing so to instil positive energy. Affirmations like ‘ i am charging this moonstone for healing’ can be used. 

Make sure moonstone is cleaned and recharged once in a while to retain its glow and positive energy.