Aura Quartz healing properties & benefits

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About Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz is one of those crystals that has been altered by humans. While the crystal is made by man, the attractive and captivating colour is a natural phenomenon. Aura Quartz is a magical and powerful crystal that has been made with some effort by humans combined with the wonders of nature. This new crystal is made using electrostatic bonding where Quartz binds with other minerals like platinum, silver, gold or other rare minerals.

Aura Quartz retains the healing properties of its original crystal Quartz and additionally absorbs the properties of the new mineral. Aura Quartz healing properties have dominance of clear quartz. However, each individual crystal has its own property due to the combination of minerals that gives each one of them a unique healing property. This crystal has been widely approved and used by spiritual practitioners and healers. 

Mineral CompositionQuartz + Rare mineral
ColourVaries as per mineral combination
ChakraAll Chakras; Heart chakra
Healing PropertiesMaster Healer, Balance & Calmness, Daily energy

Aura Quartz Meaning

Aura Quartz acts as an energy cleanser. Its meaning is defined by its ability to develop curiosity like that of a child and clarity of thoughts in challenging times. These crystals possess many healing qualities and are considered perfect companions for spiritual journeys. They are known to emit powerful radiations and energies that help in awakening self-consciousness. 

Aura Quartz healing properties

Aura Quartz healing properties

Aura Quartz healing properties are immense and possess emotional, mental and physical healing powers. This crystal retains the healing properties of Quartz and additionally inherits the healing properties of the mineral that’s used to create it.

While Aura Quartz are artificially designed, they possess all the ancient powers of alchemy. These properties together soothe the body and soul of the crystal owner along with assisting in the spiritual journey. Read through the next sections to know more. 

Emotional healing properties of Aura Quartz 

  • Positive outlook towards life
  • Promotes joy and enthusiasm
  • Sparks adventure and creativity
  • Aids with self-confidence & self-expression

Aura Quartz healing properties have emotional healing as a major part of it. There is an imbalance in emotions when the negative thoughts take over the positive ones. This makes the day to day life dull and depressing. As a consequence, one may feel irritated, frustrated and stressed.

With Aura Quartz healing properties, one may begin to experience the balance getting back to normal. It starts to show you the brighter side of life and pushes you to explore things beyond the horizon. Creativity and adventure gradually become part of life and you begin to see the positive side of every situation.

Times, when you doubt or lose confidence in yourself, is the time when Aura Quartz can show you the path to self-confidence. The crystal will help in getting rid of the past, the instances that created self-doubt. Evokes the confidence and courage to explore yourself and come out of challenging situations much stronger. 

Physical healing properties of Aura Quartz

  • Master healer – Energy reservoir
  • Absorbs, stores & releases energy
  • Boosts life force energy
  • Enhances immunity
  • Cleanses Organs and Glands
  • Purifies celular memory

Aura Quartz is also known as the master healer. It contains all the healing properties of clear quartz which is a powerful stone in itself. Aura Quartz has high-frequency vibrations which enable it to regulate the body’s energies. It absorbs, stores and releases energy in the body. This makes it a powerful crystal as regulating body energy can help tackle any condition of the body. Aura Quartz boosts the life force energy of our body. 

Aura Quartz is believed to assist in treating a few organs like the liver and pancreas. It helps increase oxygen in our body and improve the overall immune system. This crystal is also used to cleanse the inner organs of the body and purify them.

All our experiences, good or bad, are stored in cells of our body, also known as cellular memory. When Aura Quartz crystals are used for healing, they help in releasing the traumatic and unwanted memories from these cells that were causing self-doubt, fear etc. This helps in clearing the past and gives the required push to start life afresh.

Aura Quartz healing benefits

Spiritual healing properties of Aura Quartz

  • Cleanses Aura
  • Connection with spiritual realms
  • Channelling of consciousness
  • Aid in spiritual journey

Aura Quartz is often used by practitioners as the crystal of spiritual transformation. The high-frequency vibrations that it inhibits enable one to connect with the higher spiritual realms. Aura Quartz widens the consciousness and opens doors into the angelic realm. It connects one to the higher spiritual self which also awakens psychic abilities. This crystal helps in cleansing the aura by removing negative energy and strengthening it. 

When one begins their spiritual journey, they are likely to face hindrances in multiple forms. The presence of Aqua Quartz in this process will ease the journey and help in removing challenges. By channelling the thoughts and consciousness in one direction and eliminating negativity, makes the spiritual journey calming and soothing. 

Aura Quartz healing properties and chakra connection

Aura Quartz possesses high vibrations and energy that can be felt by anyone coming in contact with the crystal. These crystals have the potential to unblock and align all seven chakras of the human body. However, Aura Quartz resonates the most with the heart chakra. 

The heart chakra is the center of empathy, love and forgiveness acting as a bridge between earth and the spirit. With Aura Quartz, the heart chakra remains unblocked and aligned which helps in gaining trust, peace and courage. 

Types of Aura Quartz and their healing properties

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz is a magical crystal that is formed with a combination of platinum or silver with quartz. This dreamy crystal has a reflective appearance. When placed under light, it captures all colours of the rainbow and reflects them back giving an angelic aura.

The name of this crystal comes from the fact that its appearance resembles the wing of a beautiful angel, sparkling with light and captivating beauty. It also possesses emotional, spiritual and physical healing properties.  This crystal is known for transforming negative energies into positive ones and remaining us of inner purity and positivity. 

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz is a vibrant crystal made with a combination of gold and Clear Quartz. This is a calming stone and is used by healers to release stress and negativity. Aqua Aura Quartz activates the throat chakra which enables free communication and the ability to speak the truth without fear and hesitation.

It has a strong vibration and energy that calms down a wandering mind. Helps in building self-confidence, enthusiasm and joy in living every day. This crystal is used by many healers during mediation and is believed to help in the spiritual journey. 

Champagne Aura Quartz

Champagne Aura Quartz, also known as the smokey gold quartz is made by combining Quartz with gold and indium. By combining the vibrations of Quartz with that of gold and Indium, Champagne Aura Quartz comes out with a unique vibration that acts as a purifier.

It helps in transforming negative energy into a spiritual one where you experience elevating yourself to higher realms. This crystal connects and activates the sacral chakra and crown chakra. 

Flame Aura Quartz

Flame Aura Quartz is formed by the combination of Titanium and Niobium. It is also known as Titanium Aura Quartz. Due to this combination, the crystal has a deep blue, metallic golden and violet colour. This crystal possesses immense spiritual healing power and is used during meditation to enhance the effect. 

Flame Aura Quartz activates the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. This helps in fixing the focus and concentration issues. One begins to understand the inner self and develops confidence and clarity. It gives you the guidance to heal your emotions and awaken parts of your soul that were inactive. 

Sunshine Aura Quartz

Sunshine Aura Quartz is made by combining clear Quartz with gold and platinum. This is a vibrant yellow crystal with a beaming shimmer. This crystal is known for healing past traumas, bitterness in thoughts and disappointments from any old instance. A traumatic past can have a strong negative effect on the present and future if not healed.

This crystal aids in getting rid of these thoughts and ingrains a sense of positivity, enthusiasm and zeal for life. In a spiritual world, this crystal acts as a protective shield. Pushes to awaken the inner child and provoke optimism and laughter in day-to-day life. Sunshine Aura Quartz activates the solar plexus chakra.

How to use Aura Quartz

Meditation with Aura Quartz

Meditating with Aura Quartz is one of the best ways to benefit from this crystal. Holding this crystal in your palm while meditating can enhance the experience, connect you with your higher self and recharge you by providing energy and encouragement on days when you feel low.

Aura Quartz as Jewellery

Aura Quartz can also be worn as jewellery. This way the crystal stays closer to you and can benefit you all the time. It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, earring or pendant. 

Aura Quartz while sleeping

Keeping Aura Quartz beside you while sleeping can help have lucid dreams. You may place it under the pillow or the bedside table for a night of deep and peaceful sleep.