Can fluorite go in the water? If not, why?

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Fluorite is a beautiful crystal made of calcium fluoride. It is mostly found in unique cubic crystals and can take on beautiful colours. Mostly fluorite is found colourless with a slight hint of green. Owing to the impurities in the crystal, it can be found in multi colours. Multi-coloured fluorite is quite famous in the healers and crystal collector community. 

Fluorites are known to possess many healing properties. They have high vibrations and energies that keep the negative energies away and purify the aura. But can this powerful crystal be exposed to water? Let’s find out.

Can fluorite go in water?

No, it is not recommended to immerse fluorite in water. Fluorite being a soft mineral can easily get damaged and broken if exposed to water for longer duration. 

Water is an important part of cleansing and maintaining minerals and gemstones. Many healers use water in their daily healing rituals. However, it is important to know about the physical properties of crystals before exposing them to water. Gemstones that are categorised as brittle and sensitive should be kept away from water. 

Fluorite is one such gemstone which is delicate and soft. Immersing fluorite in water for longer duration can harm the crystal. 

Do not soak fluorite in water for more than a few seconds!

Any crystal which ranges lower on the moh’s hardness scale is generally not suitable for immersing in water as they are considered delicate. Moh’s hardness scale represents the durability of a gemstone and its resistance to scratch. Any crystal below the range of 6-7 is considered easily breakable and soft. 

Fluorite has a score of 4 which is on the lower side of the scale thus making it part of the soft gemstone family. It’s a delicate gemstone which can get scratches from daily wear and tear. While fluoride will not dissolve in water, it will get damaged the longer it is exposed to water. 

If fluorite is placed in water for a longer duration, it can make the crystal weak and its properties might get altered. Fluorite doesn’t break into pieces when put into water but regular exposure can make it weak and brittle over time.

This is the reason why it is recommended to cleanse fluoride with a quick cleansing process which does not require water. 

Is there a need for fluorite to go in water?

If you have been using crystals and know about the process of maintaining them, you would know how important water is when it comes to cleansing them. Water is an important ingredient which is used to cleanse and recharge gemstones. 

Healing gemstones have ranges of energy within them. They keep emitting positive energy and absorbing the negativity all along. Regular use of fluorite makes it dull and weak energetically. Cleansing and recharging the crystal once in a while becomes important so as to get rid of the negativity absorbed by it and restore its healing powers. 

The most common method of cleansing and recharging involves water. Water is that one element which connects mother nature to the soul and cleanses the crystal naturally along with recharging it as well. 

Fluorite can go in the water at times but you have to be very careful while doing so. Soaking fluorite in water for a longer duration should be avoided. It can cause the crystal to dissolve gradually or even break apart.  

can fluorite go in water

Can fluorite go in salt water?

Fluorite has the chemical composition of calcium fluoride. Common salt has a composition of sodium chloride. When fluoride comes in contact with salt water, it results in a chemical reaction. This is a deteriorating reaction causing harm to the crystal. Saltwater exerts immense pressure on fluorite which causes its strength to weaken and make pores on the surface. 

This chemical reaction makes fluorite weak and pores are formed in the crystal. Salt water then seeps into the pores of the crystal which makes the crystal even weaker. 

There are many impurities present in the fluorite crystal which gives it colour. When these impurities come in contact with sodium chloride present in salt water, the reaction causes further damage to the crystal. 

Once fluorite has been exposed to salt water, the reaction cannot be reversed causing permanent damage to fluorite crystal. 

Avoid keeping fluorite anywhere near salt water. The damage is irreversible.  

Can fluorite go in moon water?

Using moonlight for cleansing and recharging healing crystals is a common phenomenon. Moonlight has a soft and soothing energy that recharges crystals without causing any harm. The feminine energy of the moon is used to clear crystals from their negativity. 

Fluorite can be immersed in moon water for a limited duration. Avoid keeping fluorite in moon water overnight as it can harm the crystal. 

A quick soaking along with affirmations should help in recharging the crystal. Avoid having a frequency of more than once a month for this form of cleansing. 

Using moonlight to cleanse fluorite is the safest. You may keep fluorite under direct moonlight and this will help in recharging the crystal and regain all the lost healing energy. 

Can fluorite go in bath water?

It is a common practice to add healing crystals to bathing water to have stress releasing experience. This helps in calming the mind and reducing daily worries and frustration. 

Crystals that are hard physically and are on higher ranges on the moh’s hardness scale can easily go in bath water without being damaged. However, crystals that are soft or rank lower on the hardness scale should be kept away from the bath water.

Fluorite is a soft crystal and should not be put in bath water. It is not the ideal crystal to be exposed to bath water. However, you may soak it in bathwater for a limited time to benefit from its healing powers related to bones and enamel. 

Leaving fluorite in bath water for an extended period can also cause skin irritation. Using other accessories of bath water can also cause reactions with calcium fluorite. This may cause toxicity in the water.

There are however other ways to benefit from Fluorite healing powers. Instead of soaking the crystal in bath water, you can place fluorite on the corners of the bathroom. You may also place them on the sides of your bathtub. Keeping the crystal closer to you while bathing can also make your crystal bath ready and provide de-stressing positive energy.

Can you drink fluorite infused water?

Crystal-infused water is known for its healing benefits and is one of the best ways to absorb the energies of the crystal into the body. 

Crystals have different vibrations and energies and when immersed in water to prepare the infused drink, the vibrations are imparted in water and then absorbed in our bodies. People experience a flow of positive and pious energy in the body. 

Fluorite has a lot of impurities in it which can cause many side effects to the body as it may produce toxic substances inside of the body if consumed. 

For this reason, do not let fluorite in your drinking water or do not consume fluorite infused water. 

How to prepare fluorite elixir?

Crystal-infused water or crystal elixir is a great source of positive energy. The energy and vibrations of the crystal bring the body to the same frequency. Regular consumption helps in forming a protective shield and the aura of the body is cleansed. 

But fluorite cannot be put in water due to its impurities and toxic elements that it may produce. So, an indirect method has to be used to make this elixir. 

Below is the step by step process of making fluorite elixir with an indirect method:

  1. Place fluorite crystals in a glass jar.
  2. Place this glass jar containing fluorite in a bigger and wider vessel.
  3. Now add water to this bigger vessel.
  4. Keep this arrangement under direct moonlight overnight. Preferably on a full moon night. 
  5. Next morning, remove the crystals. The water has absorbed all the vibrations and energies of the crystal by now.
  6. Your fluorite elixir is now ready to be used. 

How to cleanse and recharge fluorite ?

Fluorite can’t go in water directly but you can still use the natural healing benefits of water for recharging your crystal. You only have to be careful and cautious while doing so. 

Fluorite is a soft mineral but can withstand a quick rinse in running water. Place the crystal in running water for a quick rinse. While doing so, bring your entire focus on cleansing the crystal and centre your energy. Use affirmations if you like. Do not expose the crystal for more than a few seconds. 

After a quick rinse, use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the crystal. Remove any dirt or impurities that you see. 

Another method is to use a wet cloth. Use this cloth to wipe off the crystal clean and remove all the specks of dirt. Post the wipe, use a dry micro-fibre cloth to pat the crystal dry. Make sure no water or moisture is left on the crystal after you wipe it off-dry.