Rainbow Hematite meaning: All you need to know about Rainbow Hematite

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Rainbow Hematite meaning can be described in the below points

  • Grounding effect
  • Calming effect
  • Emotional balance
  • Aura cleansing
  • Positive vibrations

Rainbow Hematite is a special gemstone that has properties which make it stand out from other crystal families. Rainbow Hematite as the name suggests contains all colours of the seven chakras of the human body. This makes it a special crystal with many healing properties.

It constantly keeps emitting positive energy by keeping the negative vibrations away from you. Rainbow Hematite meaning is derived from its ability to dissolve the negative vibrations and keep the person grounded and closer to mother earth.

Rainbow Hematite is most beneficial for people who tend to go into deep thoughts and overthink situations which in turn makes them negative and depressed. It is a crystal that will bring you out of the darkness and push you towards the bright lights of life. You will begin to experience positivity around you surrounded by joy and love. 

Rainbow Hematite connects with the solar plexus. It provides self-confidence and lifts self-esteem. This crystal will act as a protective shield against negativity. During challenging situations, it will help in dealing with the problem with maturity and sail through it positively and smoothly. 

Rainbow Hematite meaning

Rainbow Hematite history and origin 

Wearing the crown of resonating with all seven chakras due to the rainbow colours this crystal glows with, Rainbow Hematite is a powerful gemstone with a multitude of healing properties. 

Rainbow Hematite is from the Hematite family. Hematites have been around for quite some time and have been famous since ancient times. 

Whereas Rainbow Hematite is a recent discovery its healing properties are yet to become popular. 

In 1844 German mineralogists found this mineral in Siberia and named it as Turgite. The name Turgite stayed for almost over a century. In 1920 Turgite was ripped off from its title of unique stone and geologists realised that rainbow Hematite was a combination of Hematite and Goethite.

An iron oxide mineral with particles of aluminium phosphate. For gemstone collectors and practitioners, rainbow Hematite remained an important discovery and was introduced to the crystal healing community in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Over time, Rainbow Hematite has gradually become an integral part of the crystal healing and collecting community.   

Where does Rainbow Hematite come from

In ancient times, Hematite was found in multiple places in the world with multiple mines and hence became a common crystal.

Currently, some of the major deposits are found in Brazil so a lot of crystal comes from this part of the world. Other parts are England, China and New Zealand.

Rainbow Hematite healing properties

Rainbow Hematite is a very attractive crystal and is a treat to the eyes. People wear and use this crystal in many forms. Apart from its beautiful appearance, rainbow Hematite also has many healing properties which makes it a desirable crystal. 

Rainbow Hematite emotional healing properties

Rainbow Hematite emotional healing powers can be summarised as

  • Balances emotions
  • Acts as protector
  • Absorbs negative energies
  • Provides courage 
  • Promotes self-confidence 
  • Smooth sailing in chaotic times

Rainbow Hematite has a major influence on emotional well-being. It has the ability to heal past traumas. The negativity from the past that keeps ruining the present can be gotten rid of by the use of rainbow Hematite. This crystal can absorb all the darkness that one must have been holding onto and helps in releasing them.

All the self-destructive, self-limiting thoughts are removed and it pulls you towards a brighter life. The crystal sends all the negative and harmful energy into the earth and it comes back as positive energy filled with hope and optimism. 

Rainbow Hematite is known as a natural purifier that cleanses your emotions and brings a balance to them. It clears the aura and fills the surrounding with positivity. 

Due to its connection with the chakras, it promotes self-confidence and increases the sense of self-worth in people. In situations where things become challenging, this crystal will show you the path of positivity where you deal with it smoothly and come out stronger.

It helps you lead a happier and joyful life and the courage to surpass challenges and negativity with a positive attitude. 

Rainbow Hematite meaning derives from its ability to give you peace and balance in tough and chaotic situations. 

Rainbow Hematite spiritual healing properties

Rainbow Hematite spiritual healing powers can be summarised as below

  • Spiritual awakening
  • Provides enlightenment
  • Spiritual wisdom
  • Protection from unwanted energy
  • Helps find purpose of life

Rainbow Hematite is a crystal that can act as your partner in your spiritual journey. It is a crystal that can bring about spiritual awakening like no other gemstone. It helps in connecting you to the higher spiritual powers and brings spiritual enlightenment at the same time. This crystal will help you in keeping your spirit energetic and open throughout the day. It provides you with spiritual wisdom and gives you protection from unwanted energy. 

It helps you realise your purpose in life and that the challenges you face on a daily basis are just minor hiccups in this vast universe. You get the courage to deal with daily issues while looking at the larger picture and the true meaning and purpose of this life on earth. Overall, it protects you from negative and dark vibrations. 

Rainbow Hematite healing properties

Rainbow Hematite physical healing properties 

  • Protection from EMF
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Aids with blood related problems

Rainbow Hematite is known for its physical healing properties as well apart from the emotional and spiritual ones. 

Many healers believe that this crystal is internally charged which causes a physical reaction to EMFs. It has the ability to absorb the EMF rays and provide protection against them. It helps in protecting the body and energy levels from the rays. So in cases where people are sensitive toward EMF rays, rainbow Hematite can act as a protector for them.

Many rainbow Hematite crystals are magnetic but those that aren’t are still believed to provide some protection against electromagnetic fields. 

Practitioners believe that rainbow Hematite can strengthen the body from within by also providing balance to the immune system and the nervous system. 

It gives the body the power to fight against some health problems like the common cold and serious illnesses related to blood problems.

Rainbow Hematite is also known for its ability to provide a peaceful sleep. Those suffering from insomnia may find it useful as it promotes healthy and sound sleep which in turn improves the overall well-being and health. 

Rainbow Hematite metaphysical healing properties

Rainbow Hematite is a unique crystal with immense metaphysical healing properties. It is one of those rare crystals whose colours connect with all seven chakras of the body. Each of these seven chakras aligns with a specific colour of the crystal. This makes it a powerful crystal that can get rid of the unwanted energy from your aura and different parts of the body. 

The crystal balances the overall energy of the body. There are few chakras where this stone has the maximum impact. 

The Root chakra, which is the first chakra of the seven chakras, is influenced by Rainbow Hematite. Root chakra provides a sense of safety and security. When unblocked and aligned, this chakra becomes the driving force in daily life and absorbs energy from mother earth to keep the body active and positive. 

The chakra has to be open and unblocked otherwise you may begin to feel insecure and develop uneasiness as well. Rainbow Hematite helps in keeping the root chakra active and open. 

The second chakra rainbow Hematite best aligns with is the solar plexus. This chakra when aligned gives a sense of freedom and helps develop self-respect. If blocked, people may experience self-doubt and begin to question each of their acts. 

Rainbow Hematite keeps your soul empowered and constantly reminds you of your self-worth and the freedom you deserve. It keeps the solar plexus in check and aligns it to your body while keeping it unblocked. 

The third chakra that rainbow Hematite aligns with is the crown chakra. This is the top chakra that connects you to the cosmos and immensely helps with the spiritual journey. It acts as a guide on your spiritual path providing you with spiritual enlightenment. 

How to use rainbow Hematite

As a jewellery 

Like many other crystals, rainbow Hematite can also be used in different ways. Given the physical beauty of this crystal, many use it as jewellery.  It can be used as a pendant, earring, ring or bracelet. 

When used in the form of jewellery, it remains close to your body and helps in protecting you from electromagnetic rays. As a piece of jewellery, it will be able to protect the entire auric field. 

During meditation

Many practitioners use rainbow Hematite during meditation as well. The small polished crystals are best to use for meditation. You may simply place the crystal on your palm before starting the mediation and keep it there until you finish it. 

At home or workplace

Rainbow Hematite can be used as a decorative stone as well. You can place it in the corner of your house where you are mostly present. It can also be placed in your working area or office where you require your daily dose of positivity. 

How to cleanse Rainbow Hematite 

Cleansing Rainbow Hematite is not a difficult task and is similar to how normally other crystals are cleansed. Rainbow Hematite is commonly cleansed using Quartz crystal. Just keep the Rainbow Hematite in front of you and take the Quartz crystal in the other hand. Hover the Quartz crystal on top of Rainbow Hematite a couple of times.

Focus all your energy on cleansing the crystal. You may use affirmations also during this process. This will remove the negatives of the Rainbow Hematite crystal. 

Other ways to cleanse Rainbow Hematite are using moonlight, sunlight for a few hours, water or rice. Any of the above methods can be used at your convenience. Cleansing and recharging crystals once in a while is very important to maintain their shine and healing powers. 

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