Can Larimar Go in Water? Essential Care Tips for Your Gemstone

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Yes, Larimar can go in water for brief periods of time, but care should be taken with different types. Larimar is a rare blue pectolite found exclusively in the Dominican Republic and has healing properties believed to help balance chakras and promote spiritual growth. Caring for Larimar includes proper cleaning, cleansing, storage away from direct sunlight or water exposure. Genuine Larimar stones can also be identified by their unique characteristics.

Meet Larimar, a rare and captivating blue gemstone known not only for its enchanting beauty but also for its powerful healing properties. This unique stone, with its deep connection to the mythical city of Atlantis and the element of water, has captured the hearts and imaginations of gemstone enthusiasts worldwide. Many people often wonder, can Larimar go in water? This question arises due to its close association with the aquatic element.

Is Larimar Water Safe?

Larimar stone submerged in water

Yes, Larimar is safe when exposed to water for brief periods without harm. However, bear in mind that care and precautions are necessary when exposing this soft stone to different types of water.

Therefore, whether you’re exposing it to fresh, salt, or tap water, care and precautions are necessary. The type of water matters, as different compositions can have varying effects on the stone. So, while it’s okay to get your Larimar wet, always remember to treat it with the respect and care it deserves.

Can Larimar Go In Tap Water?

Yes, it’s safe to briefly expose Larimar to tap water for cleansing purposes. However, avoid acidic or limestone-rich water, as the acid can erode a portion of the delicate crystal, causing damage to the gemstone.

We recommend using a few drops of mild soap and exposing Larimar to tap water for no longer than 20 minutes, taking care to dry it with a soft cloth afterward. If needed, you can gently clean the surface with a soft brush.

Can Larimar Go In Salt Water?

Yes, Larimar can tolerate brief submersion in salt water without significant harm. However, prolonged exposure, such as wearing Larimar jewelry while swimming or in saltwater environments, may lead to damage. The gemstone’s blue hue is a result of copper impurities and remains mostly unaffected by salt water exposure.

Nevertheless, it’s wise to limit your Larimar’s exposure to salt water.

The Basics of Larimar

Rough Larimar stones

Larimar, also known as the Dolphin Stone, is a rare blue pectolite found exclusively in the Dominican Republic, giving the larimar stone a unique appeal among gemstone collectors. Its captivating blue color, along with its purported healing properties, make larimar stones highly sought-after gemstones.

What Is Larimar?

Larimar, also known as larimar crystal, is a rare blue stone, composed primarily of pectolite, an acid silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium. Its rarity as a rare stone is attributed to its exclusive occurrence in a small area of the Dominican Republic, with only about 10% of the mined Larimar being of jewelry-grade quality.

The Atlantis Stone Connection

Larimar is often referred to as the Atlantis Stone due to its alleged connection to the lost civilization. Some theories suggest that Larimar was discovered in underwater caves once thought to be part of Atlantis, while psychic Edgar Cayce believed that Larimar originated from this legendary city.

Although there’s no scientific proof of a direct correlation between Larimar, a captivating blue stone, and Atlantis, the stone’s enchanting blue hue and island origins continue to fuel intrigue and speculation.

What Happens When Larimar Gets Wet?

As a water stone, Larimar has a harmonious relationship with water. When exposed to water for short periods, the stone exhibits no significant physical alterations, maintaining its original color and characteristics. However, long-term water exposure might alter Larimar’s appearance and structure.

Short-Term Exposure

Brief exposure to water is generally safe for Larimar, as long as it is not subjected to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. It’s important to remember that Larimar is one of the softer stones on the Mohs hardness scale, so treat it with care to maintain its beauty and energy.

Long-Term Exposure

Prolonged exposure to water may result in color changes, structural damage, or rusting if iron is present in the stone. To preserve Larimar’s unique beauty and healing properties, it’s best to avoid leaving it submerged in water for extended periods.

Caring for Your Larimar Jewelry

Understanding how to clean, cleanse, and store your Larimar jewelry is key to preserving its beauty and energy. Proper care for Larimar not only preserves its appearance but also ensures that its healing properties remain strong and effective.

How to Cleanse Larimar?

To cleanse Larimar, consider using the following methods.

  • Salt water baths
  • Gentle methods like moonlight
  • Burying it in salt or soil
  • Cleansing it with smoke from incense, sage, or palo santo

Steer clear of harsh chemicals that could harm the stone’s surface. These methods will help reestablish Larimar’s earthly connection and keep it cleansed.

How to Store Larimar?

Given its soft nature, Larimar should be stored separately from other gemstones to prevent scratches and damage. Storing it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat, and refraining from exposing it to water or high humidity will safeguard its beauty and healing properties.

Larimar Healing Properties and Uses

Larimar stone used for chakra balancing

Larimar is renowned for its healing properties, including its ability to:

  • Harmonize the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras, promoting balance and self-expression
  • Promote emotional equilibrium
  • Reduce stress
  • Inspire a sense of wonderment
  • Encourage creativity and innovative thinking
  • Foster a deeper connection with nature
  • Enhance self-awareness and introspection
  • Promote feelings of tranquility and peace

Chakra Balancing

Larimar’s harmony with the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras fosters a sense of equilibrium and self-expression, making it an invaluable tool for chakra balancing.

As it works on the throat chakra, it enhances communication and self-expression, allowing you to clearly articulate your personal truth and navigate interpersonal conflicts with ease.

Meditation and Energy Work

Using Larimar, a spiritual stone, in meditation and energy work can augment communication, personal exploration, and spiritual advancement. The stone’s calming vibrations help open you up to feminine energy and facilitate a connection with your inner goddess, increasing feelings of personal power and care.

Spotting Fake Larimar

To ensure you’re obtaining genuine Larimar and not a counterfeit, it’s important to recognize the signs of a fake. Genuine Larimar typically exhibits a unique aqua blue or turquoise hue with streaks and clouds of pearl white and earthy tones, while fake Larimar may feature other colors or lack these signature patterns.

Additionally, authentic Larimar usually exhibits some degree of transparency, whereas counterfeit stones may be opaque or cloudy. Observing these characteristics and buying from trustworthy sources will allow you to fully appreciate the beauty and healing properties of genuine Larimar.

Combining Larimar with Other Gemstones

You may consider pairing Larimar with other gemstones like:

  • Agate: to augment mental performance, increase focus, and bring tranquility
  • Rose Quartz: to provide loving energy, clarity, and enhanced spirituality
  • Amethyst: to complement Larimar by supplementing its psychic and spiritual potency, generating a harmonious energy that encourages emotional healing and spiritual growth.


In conclusion, Larimar is a truly remarkable gemstone with captivating beauty and powerful healing properties. By understanding how to care for your Larimar and use it in your spiritual journey, you can unlock its full potential and experience the transformative energy it offers. Whether you wear it as jewelry, use it for chakra balancing, or incorporate it into your meditation practice, Larimar is sure to enrich your life and bring you a sense of peace and harmony.

Frequently Asked Questions About Larimar In Water

Can I get Larimar wet?

Yes, you can get Larimar wet, but it is important to avoid extended exposure to water as it can dull the colour over time.

Can you shower with Larimar?

No, you cannot shower with Larimar. It is advised that you remove your Larimar and Wood jewelry when showering or washing your hands, as it could potentially crack in a drastic change of humidity.

Can Larimar be worn everyday?

Yes, Larimar can be worn everyday. It is recommended to wear Larimar everyday, with simple gemstone bracelets that have been proven to stand up to everyday wear. Make sure to take it off as the last thing in the evening to keep your stones looking beautiful.

How do you activate Larimar crystals?

To activate the powers of Larimar crystals, charge them with water and wear them as a necklace to connect its powers with the Throat Chakra, facilitating truth and self-expression.

How can I cleanse my Larimar?

Cleanse your Larimar with salt water baths, moonlight or other non-invasive methods to ensure the stone stays unharmed. Avoid using harsh chemicals.