Blue Sandstone meaning: All you need to know about Blue Sandstone

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Blue Sandstone meaning is derived from the fact that it is the stone of success and ambition. The properties of blue Sandstone stone gives the drive to accomplish the dreams and goals that one has. Blue Sandstone is known for its good luck properties. Possessing one of these will drive good fortune to you. It is a crystal that helps you move away from self-doubt and brings back the lost confidence. It gives you courage and pushes you towards self-awareness so you understand yourself better. 

Blue Sandstone meaning also comes from the joy and happiness that it brings along. During tough times and stressful situations, blue Sandstone acts as a calmer and stress reliever. 

Blue Sandstone meaning

How is Blue Sandstone made

Blue Sandstone has a beautiful starry look. It is made with a combination of multiple minerals. Glass is heated and quartz sand is infused in it. There are tiny pieces of quartz which give the crystal a starry appearance. So what gives Blue Sandstone the blue colour?

Cobalt is added to this mixture while making it. The Cobalt gives the combination of glass a dark blue colour. Many other different minerals like chromium, magnesia or copper are added to the sand to make this blue-coloured crystal. 

Origin of Blue Sandstone

The origin and creation of both Blue Sandstone and Sandstone, in general, are unclear to this date. Many believe it can be traced back to the 17th century to the Venetian family. This family is believed to have invented a technique which resulted in what we call sandstone today. 

Sandstone is made by creating glass with Quartz sand. The Quartz sand is first heated and melted and then mixed with other minerals to produce different colours. Various minerals like manganese, cobalt, copper etc are mixed with heated quartz sand. 

While Blue Sandstone cannot be found naturally, all the minerals with which it is made are natural and possess all its healing properties as is. 

Blue Sandstone meaning and chakra connection

Blue Sandstone meaning and Chakra connection

As Blue Sandstone meaning is derived from its ability to provide courage and self-awareness, this crystal connects with the throat chakra. Throat chakra links with the Blue Sandstone directly which then helps in enhancing the self-confidence and the voice within to speak up. Due to the Blue Sandstone and throat chakra connection, the use of this crystal helps with self-expression and the strength to speak the inner truth. 

It gives you the power to speak your truth without hesitation. You get rid of the fear of speaking up. The trouble faced in expressing the thoughts is also eliminated. 

All in all, possession of this crystal helps in enhancing communication and bringing clarity to thoughts.

The crown and the heart chakra are also connected to Blue Sandstone and act as a magnet to it.  

Blue Sandstone healing properties

Healing properties of Blue Sandstone

Blue Sandstone is a type of goldstone which is mostly blue in colour. This crystal is popular for both its appearance and the healing properties that it possesses. It has physical, emotional and mental healing properties. Read on to find more details

Physical healing properties

Blue Sandstone is known for its grounding effects. It provides enthusiasm and zeal for life and encourages you to go after your goals with all the positive energy. 

Healers believe Blue Sandstone can assist with relieving pain, stomach aches, or discomforts. Using Blue Sandstone as a necklace or bracelet can help with this. The crystal is also known to provide comfort in case of bone-related issues, arthritis or blood circulation problems. 

Emotional healing properties

Blue Sandstone is a crystal that protects sensitive energies. Due to its connection with the throat chakra, it helps with communication. It is often used by empaths to encourage communication with people who are hesitant to express themselves. Blue Sandstone helps in expressing feelings and emotions to those who they consider empathetic. 

The stone has a frequency which makes people have more patience towards others. A little less judgemental and with more tolerance in the attitude. Overall, people develop the next level of maturity towards life and others around them. 

The colour blue in Blue Sandstone has its own significance when it comes to healing properties. Blue Sandstone has a calming effect and soothing effect on humans. Those under stress or pressure can use this crystal to calm themselves down. After a hectic day, this crystal can be used for relaxing and bringing emotions under control. 

Those prone to anxiety and stress should use this crystal to relieve themselves from disturbing emotions. This acts as an anxiety relief stone that balances emotions and provides a calming and grounding effect. 

This stone is also used to induce a calm and peaceful sleep. This may also help getting lucid dreams.

Spiritual healing properties

Blue Sandstone is commonly used to build self-confidence and self-assurance in people. Blue Sandstone is also known as the “stone of ambition.” It is also used for creating the drive to achieve one’s goal. This crystal can help in identifying your true self and accepting yourself the way you are.

As Blue Sandstone also connects with Throat chakra, it creates positive energy and uplifts the spirit to make one feel comfortable and confident. This crystal helps in relaxing and improving concentration. It is best used while meditating as it helps in connecting you to the higher realm. 

Benefits of Blue Sandstone

Blue Sandstone has varied benefits and properties that can help make living better for humans. As Blue Sandstone meaning comes from its core property of providing courage, joy and self-confidence, there are many other benefits directly related to this. Below are some of them

  • Aids with ambitions and goals
  • Manifestation stone to achieve dreams
  • Provides confidence and self-awareness
  • Aids with self-expression
  • Helps in developing inner peace
  • Brings calmness during stress and ambiguity
  • Keeps negative energy away
  • Provides clarity in thoughts and life

How to use Blue Sandstone

Develop and strengthen self-confidence

Blue Sandstone is considered to be the crystal that can strengthen your willpower. It is also known as the stone of ambition, which promotes speaking up and gives the courage to voice opinions. Blue Sandstone is a throat chakra sandstone that unblocks your desires and enhances courage.

It gives the energy and creates an environment to speak up your truth. As blue Sandstone meaning is derived from its ability to give willpower and the strength to accept yourself the way you are with confidence. 

Blue Sandstone possesses multiple healing properties and using them appropriately can help in making the most of them. 

Wearing Blue Sandstone as Jewellery

Blue Sandstone can be worn as jewellery. This is considered as one of the best ways to use it as the stone remains the closest to the body.

Wearing Blue Sandstone as a bracelet is one of the ways to feel more confident in the decisions you make and how you may feel about yourself. 

Carry Blue Sandstone

Blue Sandstone can also be carried around when travelling or going to work. It can be placed in the pocket so it remains closer to your body. This will help in giving you positive energy and being patient. 

Meditation with Blue Sandstone

Blue Sandstone can be used during meditation. Placing the crystal on your palm while meditating can help with anxiety issues. One may feel more confident and powerful. It clears the aura and helps in the spiritual journey.

Blue Sandstone can also be placed on a flat surface near the area of meditation. Keep it close to the place you are seated for maximum effects. 

Place it at home

Blue Sandstone can be placed at home as well. Corners of the room or the living room are perfect placements for this crystal. This will provide peace and calmness to the mind. It will help in keeping one focused and guided and avoid distractions from the outside world. 

How to cleanse Blue Sandstone

Blue Sandstone is a delicate blue-coloured crystal that absorbs all the negativity and clears the aura. It keeps the emotions balanced by giving clarity. 

Because Blue Sandstone absorbs a lot of negative energy it is a very good absorbent. Constant use of this crystal makes it absorb a lot of negative energy which eventually makes it dull. For the crystal to keep benefiting you with its healing properties, it is important that it is cleansed frequently. 

  1. Use a Tibetan singing bowl
  • Follow the below steps to cleanse using this bowl.
  • Place Blue Sandstone in front of the bowl.
  • Use a wooden striker to strike the sides of the bowl.
  • Circle the striker around the circumference of the bowl. This will create a sound filled with vibrations.
  • Continue doing the above steps for 5-10mins at least. You can also use affirmations while doing this process.
  • Once the stone is cleansed, use affirmations and intentions to charge it.
  1. Use moonlight

Using moonlight to cleanse your crystal is one of the safest ways. Moonlight is considered gentle and cleanses the crystal overnight. 

Keep the crystal in a container and place it in direct moonlight. Place it overnight for best effects. The next morning, remove the crystal before sunlight hits. It is best to do this process on a full moon night.

The crystal is now ready to use and is cleansed. 

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