The Gemstone and Business Handbook: Exploring the World of Crystals and Creative Branding

Welcome! I'm Reema, your navigator through two distinct realms. My journey spans digital advertising with giants like Flipkart and Amazon. Before, I delved into sales at MakeMyTrip. An MBA from IIM Kozhikode has fine-tuned my skills.

This site is my dual passion: gemstones and business. One section sparkles with the allure of crystals. The other offers sharp business insights. Both reflect my areas of interest and expertise.

The crystal segment is a dive into their mystique. It's for those captivated by the beauty of gemstones. In contrast, the business section is practical. It covers naming businesses, starting up, and more.

Each part stands on its own, offering unique value. Together, they cater to a wide array of interests. Whether you're here for gemstone fascination or business acumen, you're in the right place. Join me in exploring these passions.

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