How to Charge Crystals: Enhance Power & Maximise Energy

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Harness the power of nature to charge crystals and amplify their healing potential. Utilise moonlight, sunlight, sound baths & intention setting for optimal crystal energy. Match crystals with elements and use companion stones to Increase their power.

A world of vibrant energy, healing properties, and amplified potential awaits in the palm of your hand, all encapsulated in the natural beauty of crystals. Learning how to charge crystals can be your personal powerhouses of positivity, healing, and transformation. Ready to dive into this world of energy and mystique? Let’s begin!

The Essence of Charging Crystals

Various crystals on a natural background
Various crystals on a natural background

Charging crystals is like giving them a dose of vitamins, replenishing their energy, and amplifying their healing potential. What methods can be used to charge crystals? There are several methods, including:

  • Exposing them to direct sunlight or moonlight
  • Burying them in the earth
  • Purifying with salt water
  • Using prayer and meditation

Each method aligns with the crystal’s energy, infusing it with renewed vigor and purpose.

One method involves purifying and energizing the healing crystals three times using sunlight or moonlight. Focus your mental energy on healing your body, soul, and mind to its highest potential. Think positive, and let the healing process begin. After a week-long placement inside a ‘gate of grace,’ you ask for divine blessings and anointing.

To preserve its energy, the crystal should be purified and energized monthly as necessary, and repeat the heavenly anointing process twice a year, at the summer and winter solstice.

Preparing Your Crystals for Charging

Clear quartz crystal being cleansed with water
Clear quartz crystal being cleansed with water

Prior to energizing, your crystals require some preparation. Think of it as prepping for a marathon; you wouldn’t just jump into it without some warm-up, would you? A crystal needs a similar warm-up stage before charging, and this is achieved through cleansing. The moment you bring your new crystals home, they’re ready to be used.

This preparatory process includes rinsing the crystals with water, smudging them with sage, or placing them on a bed of salt. It’s important to research your crystal to ensure that the chosen charging method will maximize its potential. If moonstone is being energized, it is thought to contain the water element. As such, it can be charged in water to achieve the benefits associated with it.

Lunar Energy Infusion: Moonlight Charging

Crystals under the moonlight on a windowsill
Crystals under the moonlight on a windowsill

Moonlight energizing could be likened to a tranquil lullaby for crystals, filling them with divine feminine energy and perfect for harnessing yin energy. Each phase of the moon offers a unique and powerful energy that can be harnessed to significantly enhance the power and maximize the energy of crystals. It could be thought of as a nightly dance between the moon and the crystals, each influencing the other in a beautiful cosmic ballet.

Moon water is another aspect of lunar energy infusion. It’s like a lunar elixir that has been blessed with the energy of the moon. Submerging crystals in it for about an hour or pouring it over them allows for effective energizing of the crystals.

Harnessing the New Moon’s Potential

The new moon, representing new starts and fresh outlooks, is the perfect time to energize crystals with the intention of beginning anew. By placing your crystals under the new moon, you are inviting new energies and opportunities into your life. It’s like giving your crystals a midnight ticket to a new world of possibilities.

Black moonstone, black tourmaline, and labradorite are particularly attuned to the new moon’s energy as dark stones.

Embracing the Full Moon’s Radiance

Conversely, the full moon is akin to an intense spotlight that purifies and energizes your crystals, amplifying their energy and potential to the fullest. Just as the moon’s light illuminates the night sky, charging your crystals under the full moon illuminates their healing properties and potential.

Clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst are particularly beneficial for connecting with full moon energy.

Sun’s Embrace: Solar Charging Techniques

Crystals basking in sunlight in a natural setting
Crystals basking in sunlight in a natural setting

As the moon retreats and the sun ascends, we switch gears and connect with the vibrant yang energy of the sun. Solar energizing can be compared to giving your crystals a sunbath, charging them with the sun’s radiant energy. Mornings or afternoons with gentle sunlight are the ideal times for solar energizing of crystals.

Solar charging is not just about harnessing the energy of the sun; it’s about accessing divine masculine qualities. It’s about tapping into your own sense of strength, vitality, and action, and bringing these qualities more fully into your own life to empower yourself. After solar charging, you can experience the warmth and energy your crystals have absorbed from the sun, revelling in the beauty of your crystals and the magic of the universe.

Earth’s Power: Grounding Your Crystals

Crystals buried in the earth with greenery in the background
Crystals buried in the earth with greenery in the background

The earth, our dwelling place, offers another powerful energy source for energizing crystals. Grounding crystals in the earth is comparable to plugging them into the natural energy source of the planet. It’s as if you’re giving your crystals a well-deserved spa day, immersing them in the rejuvenating energy of Mother Earth.

By placing your crystals in your garden or burying them in soil, they absorb the earth’s natural energy, getting a boost of revitalization. This method is an outstanding way to achieve a thorough cleanse, making your crystals feel refreshingly ‘new’.

The Purity of Water: Using Fresh Water and Salt Water

Water, the universal purifier, serves as another excellent medium for energizing your crystals. It’s like giving your crystals a purifying bath, washing away any residual energies and infusing them with the purity of water. However, it’s important to remember to avoid putting crystals that are not compatible with water. Some minerals can benefit from being protected from water or salt.

The two fantastic methods for charging crystals with salt are the dry method and the wet method. The dry method involves burying your crystal in salt, preferably sea salt, and letting it sit overnight, while the wet method involves submerging your crystals in salt water and allowing them to sit for a few hours or overnight. It’s like a sea spa for your crystals!

Amplification Through Sound: Sound Bath Charging

Imagine a concert, but instead of you enjoying the music, it’s your crystals. Energizing crystals with a sound bath is a remarkable method that uses resonant sounds from singing bowls or other musical instruments to purify and energize them. It’s like your crystals are attending their private symphony, each note purifying and charging them.

Holding the crystal in your hand and playing a sound tool like a singing bowl or tuning fork near it, you can allow the energetic vibrations to wash over it. The crystal has the power to absorb sound vibrations. It charges up with the energy frequency of the sound that it takes in. It’s like your crystals are dancing to the rhythm of the universe.

Intentional Charging: Visualization and Affirmations

Intentional energizing involves infusing your crystals with your specific objectives and aspirations. It’s like programming a computer; only here, you’re programming your crystals with your intentions. Visualization charging is an amazing way to charge crystals using only your mind and a peaceful space.

To cleanse your crystals using visualization techniques, follow these steps:

  1. Imagine a bright, healing light washing over your cleansing crystals.
  2. Focus on the light pouring through your crystal. Feel it fill the crystal with positive energy, washing away old or negative energy.
  3. Say an affirmation or set an intention that the stone is cleared of any unwanted energy, restoring it to its natural state of harmony.

Companion Stones: Charging with Other Crystals

Sometimes, your crystals need a little help from their friends. Energizing crystals with companion stones such as selenite and clear quartz can intensify their energy and healing properties, making them even more powerful. It’s like your crystals are having a social gathering, and everyone’s energy is vibing off each other!

You can easily create a crystal grid with companion stones by arranging them in a circular shape around the stones you want to charge. It’s like creating a fortress of positive energy around your crystals. Some great crystals that can be used as companion stones for charging other crystals are:

Elemental Alignment: Matching Crystals with Elements

Elemental alignment can be likened to fitting a key into a lock. Aligning crystals with their corresponding elements allows for optimization of their healing vibrations and energizing methods. It creates a harmonious resonance that enhances the crystal’s ability to work with the specific healing properties associated with that element. It’s like you’re assigning each crystal a personal mentor in the form of an element, guiding them to their full potential.

Earth element gemstones such as agate, malachite, and tiger’s eye can help with grounding and stability, while water element gemstones like opal and moonstone can aid in emotional healing and intuition. By matching crystals with their corresponding elements, we can take advantage of the specific energies and qualities of each element, amplifying the healing effects of the crystals.


As our journey through the various charging techniques comes to an end, it’s clear to see the power and potential that lies within each crystal. Whether it’s the radiant energy of the sun, the mysterious glow of the moon, the grounding force of the earth, the purifying power of water, the resonant energy of sound, the focused intent of visualization, or the amplifying effect of companion stones, each method offers a unique way to enhance the healing properties of your crystals.

Remember, the key to successful crystal charging lies in understanding your crystals, aligning them with their corresponding elements, and choosing a charging method that maximizes their potential. With these techniques in your spiritual toolkit, your crystals will be your personal powerhouses of positivity, healing, and transformation. It’s time to tap into the magic of crystals and step into a world of amplified energy and healing!

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Charge Crystals

How do you charge and activate crystals?

Charge and activate your crystals easily by placing them where they’ll get direct sunlight or moonlight, such as a table, banister, or window. Alternatively, you can soak them in moon water, bury them in the ground, give them a sound bath, burn incense or herbs over them, or even connect them to your spirit guides!

How often should I charge my crystals?

Your intuition is the best guide for charging your crystals, but many people suggest once a month. If you feel the need to do it more often, then follow your instinct!

How do you cleanse crystals for the first time?

Cleanse your crystals for the first time by taking advantage of the energy of a full moon, using water or salt water to cleanse them, smudging them with sage or palo santo, burying them in the earth for 24 hours, or using a cleansing crystal.

When should you charge your crystals?

For optimal results, the best time to charge your crystals is during a full moon when energy is high and illuminated, or between 9am-3pm when the sun is at its strongest. Cleanse and recharge your stone before nightfall and bring it in by 11am for the perfect balance of light from both the sun and moon.

How do I prepare my crystals for charging?

Prepare your crystals for charging by cleansing them with water, sage or salt to enhance their energy potential.